What is a Service Call?

When you request a service technician to come to your home, often that is the only person you will see.  The quality of his service depends on three things.

  • His knowledge, skill, training and qualifications. 
  • The people "behind the scenes" such as telephone operators, training specialists, spare parts personnel, clerks and administrators.
  • The company's investment in his workshop, vehicles, test equipment, tools and replacement parts.

Here a few things to keep in mind when you have a query about the service costs.

  • He has had specialised training to be able to complete the job quickly and save you money.
  • He has to attend regular training schools/days to keep up with the technology of new models and electronics.
  • The time it takes to travel to your home.
  • The wear and tear on the vehicle including replacement costs of parts and the ongoing maintenance to keep the vehicle on the road such as services, tyres, oil and fuel and back to base communication.
  • State and Federal Government regulated licences, authorisations and compliance.
  • The capital cost and replacement of tools and expensive test equipment.
  • The rent he pays on his workshop as well as electricity, water, phone and local Government costs/expenses.
  • The investment of stocking replacement parts.
  • Advertising and business expenses including legal and accountancy fees and bank charges.
  • The management and administration of the business including office equipment costs and maintenance, stationery, office supplies and postage, wages of office staff.
  • Insurance cover.