Air Conditioners

We at ACME recommend that servicing of your air condtioner is done on a regular basis - (this can be sometimes every other year), depending on usage and the environment that the system is operating in.  This will ensure that your air conditioning system would be in top working order for the times you need it most.

An air conditioning service involves the following:

  • Cleaning of filters, disinfection and checking for deterioration.
  • Checking of refrigerant levels.
  • Check running refrigerant levels.
  • Check the heating and cooling and all other funtions are working properly.
  • Check air flow and scroll fan condition.
  • Check electrical connections.
  • Inspect general condition of indoor and outdoor units.
  • Cleaning of condenser coil, check for and repairing any leaks in piping or insulation.
  • Cleaning of the evaporator coil, drains and disinfection.
  • Check that nothing is obstructing the outdoor fan.
  • Ensuring the unit does not rattle, vibrate or make excessive noise.
  • Install a recommended air conditioning sanitizer such as Melaklean.

We understand the importance of air conditioning to you.  Therefore we want to make sure your system is functioning for you when you need it most.  We can suggest a time frame for a service technician to contact you for a programmed periodical service.