Bicarb for the dishwasher

Dishwashers are another place where odours can begin.  This is mainly due to food particles which haven't been rinsed off properly getting into the "workings" of the dishwasher and beginning to decompose.  Place 1 cup of bicarb into the dishwasher, just on the floor of the machine, and run it through a full cycle.  It will help to get rid of some of the grime that builds up over time on the inside of the machine, as well as freshening the smell of the dishwasher. 

Always rinse everything thats going into the dishwasher well.  Little things such as olive pips can become an expensive repair job if it finds it's way into the pump.

A quality rinse aid greatly improves drying results and prevents water spotting. These non-toxic products help water slide off the dishes more easily. For dishwashers with an automatic rinse aid dispenser (located in the door), use a liquid rinse aid. For models without a dispenser, hang a rinse aid basket or disc in the back right corner of the lower rack.