Washing Machines

Cleaning your Washing machine

You may wonder if cleaning your washing machine is important.  It certainly is!  Each time you use your washing machine, the inside of the machine is subjected to dirty water, mineral deposits, detergent deposits, grease and body fats from clothing and if you are washing cloth nappies it is especially important to keep your machine clean.

Fill the machine with hot water and then add a cup or two of vinegar to the wash water and let it agitate a few times to mix in.  If you are able, let the machine stop to "soak" for a few hours by stopping the timer or on electronic models, press the pause button.  Never leave the lid up on a washer that is full of water, especially when there are little ones around.  After soaking, take out the middle of the agitator where most machines have their fabric softner and filter bag and clean the inside of the agitator with a long handle brush.  Clean the agitator insert as well.  Start the machine again and let it run through the rest of the cycle as normal.